Upgraded Points Can Help Travelers Use Points Wisely

By | July 6, 2017

Frequent flyer points are great, but they are about more than just getting a free flight. Travelers often use them for hotel discounts, online shopping, gift vouchers, airport lounge access, and first class upgrades. Below are some tips on using frequent flyer miles effectively.

Find a Good Frequent Flyer Points Card

One of the easiest ways to gather frequent flyer miles as with a credit card. Travelers should look for offers that include points bonuses for signing up. Outside of the bonus, a traveler can also gather points for every dollar spent on the card. However, it’s important to do some research before joining, as higher interest rates and annual fees can cancel out the rewards.

Choose the Right Program

When a traveler chooses a frequent flyer miles program, they should research partners where points can be collected. For instance, if a traveler joins a program that’s part of OneWorld or Star Alliance, he or she can increase the chances of gathering points while flying on other airlines.

Take Advantage of Shopping Offers

Program members can also gather bonus points by shopping with certain retail partners. To be eligible, shopping must go through the program’s website, and travelers should carefully read the fine print before proceeding. Many programs have deals with hotels, rental car companies, and other vendors that allow travelers to easily gather points.

Combine the Family’s Points

Certain airlines, such as British Airways, allow other family members’ points to be combined into one account. Check with the airline to see if there are any limitations on these transfers.

Using Points Wisely

While a free flight is an obvious benefit of a frequent flyer program, seat upgrades, lounge access, and other perks are important as well. Most of today’s programs allow account holders to purchase items such as beauty products, electronics, and even kitchenware. However, buyers should note that these items will often cost substantially more than they would in a conventional retail outlet.

Ultimately, to win the frequent flyer game, travelers must do their homework. Visit Upgraded Points for more tips on frequent flyer travel and other forms of point redemption.